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If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him”. This famous quote is attributed to Linji Yixuan , one of the most prominent masters in Zen history.

Of course, what is meant here is not a person to be killed when you meet them. What is meant is the body of so-called knowledge that you have learned and accepted only from someone else: your parents and family, teachers and gurus, or through books and other media.

Much of that information is unconsciously present and has been assimilated at a very young age, but influences your view of the world and yourself to such an extent that most people go through life in a kind of trance. However, not all of that knowledge is useless or wrong. Some parts you just need to survive in a complex society....

But if there is so much "overlay," what really is? And how do you find out? Dis-covering that reality is no more and no less the subject of these pages. There you go.



[Fierce, ominous music]

A warning is in order here, however: Do not read this book, provided (or indeed if) you are prepared to let go of all preconceived notions and to suspend your judgments at least for the time being and to examine and test what is offered as much as possible with an open mind, because then you may find yourself sobered at least, but also feeling disillusioned, upset and perhaps even depressed. But don't worry. Be brave and remember right away that nothing, absolutely nothing is permanent :-).