About the Author

Ton Haarmans was born in 1953 in Utrecht and studied philosophy for 5 years at the University of Amsterdam. In the early 1980s he came into contact with followers of the Indian guru Rajneesh (also called 'Bhagwan' and later 'Osho') and took 'sannyas' in 1983. After Rajneesh's death, he resorted to some Neo-advaita teachers. But all along there was a doubt in the background when reading and attending to the words of both Rajneesh and the teachers in the non-duality scene. The picture never quite fit.

Many books, satsangs, Facebook posts and videos later, a shift began to take place after reading the works of Joan Tollifson, Shiv Sengupta and especially Robert Saltzman, among others. Ton saw that ultimately there are no answers and the pursuit of permanent "enlightenment" is an impossible and bad mission. Living here and now, in this moment, is all there is.

Ton is enjoying retirement with his partner Asti and dogs Luca and Angie in Spain. As a former web designer and teacher of graphic software, Ton already has a number of books to his name, which however have nothing to do with this subject :-).