I am lost


"All paths lead away from truth" 1)


"Would you be willing, if only for a moment, to give up all teachers and teachings, all commandments and practices, to simply meet what presents itself in each moment, without guidance or reference points telling you what is true, or how to live? What would it be like to no longer be identified with any conceptual framework or spiritual philosophy - not yours, not Buddha's, not Jesus', not anyone's? What would it feel like to live without maps, without mental conclusions, without final destinations, to no longer refer to any thought in your mind about how life should be?" 2)

Life has no meaning and no purpose that lies beyond this life itself, not one that we can know from our own experience anyway. We cannot step outside of this life for a moment to see what the fuck the purpose is. This also means that there can't be a path to such a supposed ultimate goal. The truth and reality of this life is exactly and only THIS moment, the moment I type these words and the moment you are reading them. There is nothing more.

'Spiritual' methods and practices such as meditation, chanting, 'mindfulness' and what have you, also originally have no intention of getting 'somewhere', but rather of being truly present this moment.

More! 'Personal growth' therefore seems to me to be a nonsensical and unhappy activity. The idea of being (even) more and (even) better and different, somewhere in the future is pumped in from an early age. It serves, of course, the kind of economy we have created; it may also serve to master a skill - but this attitude can also distract us from experiencing and appreciating the only thing we really can experience: this moment.

It's raining a little less hard now than it was a moment ago, and the starlings are coming back to squabble in the trees around us....
I'm hungry again.

1) Shiv Sengupta op Facebook
2) John Astin, 'This Is Always Enough'