I don't believe any of it

The seagulls


Not believing can also be a special form of believing. You can be convinced that God doesn't exist and be a member of atheist Facebook groups, but that doesn't mean you know that God doesn't exist. Okay, you say, but there is no conclusive evidence at all for the existence of God, is there? No, but neither is there evidence to the contrary. Also, sometimes it seems that atheists necessarily think they are right and are as fanatical as any Muslim fundamentalist. If you think something doesn't exist, what are you worried about? In fact, maybe God does exist, but you just can't know that. This is exactly what comes to mind when I'm asked whether God exists, whether there is life after death, etc.: whether God exists or not is irrelevant. Because I can't possibly know these things. So who cares? Dust in the wind.

Those fries on the pier down the road are infinitely more interesting.

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Even an attitude like skepticism is redundant and usually nothing more than a pose: "look at me being skeptical". Ditto with attitudes like nihilism and even agnosticism. These quickly become identities, something to hold on to, to feel superior. Been there, done that. But fair is fair: this really isn't easy. I sometimes catch myself feeling superior about even this.

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