Twijfel aan alles

I see this online essay as an ongoing project, a work in progress, on which I can continue to work, both by scraping and changing and by expanding.

The target audience is people who have grown tired of the trodden paths of 'spirituality'. People who have fallen from their faith or at least doubt what they consciously and unconsciously think is true for them.

The purpose of this work is to shift the focus from what someone thinks is real, even though they are so sure of it, to what is utterly doubtless manifesting here and now.

The work on these pages is also an introduction to some writers whose words I find extremely inspiring: Robert Saltzman , Shiv Sengupta en Joan Tollifson .

My thanks go to my inspirators, but also to my life partner and friend Asti Lieve, who lets me do my thing and keeps me with my feet on the ground. Also many thanks to Toon Lowette and Wim Blom for proofreading.